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Back To The Drawing Board

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a beautiful weekend, I know I did!
Last time we checked in I said that scary word: Progression. While I love the meaning of this word in most other aspects of my life,  cancer is not one of them. I got a liver biopsy two weeks ago and would you believe it the results were benign. Huh? So my numbers and scan say progression, biopsy doesn't. So what do I think now? Is the rest of it a mistake too or just the liver? Was the biopsy wrong? Did they miss something? The questions go on and on.
Although we have no real answers to all those questions, we have switched my treatments. I am no longer taking Xeloda, I have moved over to Faslodex and Affinitor. I am waiting for the Affinitor to arrive in the mail and they promise me no major side effects. They have also put me on a bone strengthener in case what they are seeing on the scan is massive scar tissue which can lead to holes in my bones which can lead to me breaking a bone very easily. On Fr…

Groundhog's Day

Here I go AGAIN. It's kind of funny to me looking at my last blog post, worrying about the cancer creeping it's way back into my body. It's like I knew what was happening. Knew I shouldn't feel safe just yet. Right before I left for Christmas I saw my doctors, I left that appointment feeling like I was stable and everything was looking good. WRONG. The next day I received an email from my doctor that my tumor markers had shot up by 50 points. I instantly burst into tears, and then spent the rest of the week at my sisters house wondering what in the HELL I was going to do. I came home late Thursday night and by Friday afternoon I was being scanned. I received those results on Wednesday evening and they were NOT desirable.

There is progression, AGAIN.

According to my doctors I have small lesions in my bones, lungs, and liver again. UGH. This is EXACTLY where I was a year ago. The lesions were bigger and more widespread then. But really? Really? I have done so many rounds…