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Routines and Ruts

I am a creature of habit. That's not to say I can't adjust, because Lord knows I can adjust. But I do happen to be a person that creates a routine for herself. Once I get on a kick, and I know it works for me I stick to it. That being said my routine at this point is beginning to feel like a serious rut. I have created a life and habits for myself in which I feel safe. My house is stocked with all the food and products I can use so there's no room for error, I know the restaurants near me that I can eat at, I have my vitamins and my health practitioners that work for me, I have my walk to the beach and my spot I sit at, my yoga studio in walking distance and have set my life up to be convenient for my needs. But at what point does this "safe place" really just become a safety net?

When I was diagnosed Stage IV I worked incredibly hard changing EVERYTHING in my life. I knew to survive this disease I would have to be focused, I would have to make changes and they w…