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The Essential Oil Essentials

Last week I posted a photo of my brand new shiny package of essential oils from a company I found online, Plant Therapy. The reaction I got from it was incredibly surprising to me. I had several people personally message me asking for details on essential oils. I am in NO WAY an expert on essential oils or any of this stuff I write about really, but I have a loud mouth, so there's THAT.  I'm really just sharing information I'm learning. I'm sharing because I truly believe we should know what's going into the products around us. ESPECIALLY those we put in/on our bodies. For the past year and a half I have been slowly but surely switching everything in my life over to more holistic, healthier versions of things I already like. A BIG one that upset me was scented candles. I'm not joking when I say that I came home one day and my family had thrown them all away and I actually cried. Let's be real, it wasn't just the scented candles. Cancer is stressful ya&#…

One Day At A Time






At least that's what I've been repeating to myself endlessly since recovering from my 3rd major surgery in a 12 month span (5th surgical procedure, if ya wanna get all technical about it!!). I have arrived in Oregon to visit my family for the Holidays and I must say just not being in your own house is seriously relaxing. This whole fall has been such a CRAZY ride I'm not sure my feet are fully underneath me, but I'm getting there! Unfortunately one thing that has been neglected is this blog, whether anyone ever reads it or not I enjoy putting the information out there. I have done SO MUCH research in such a short period of time, building on the foundation of health knowledge I already had I can't help but want to share it! And for the skeptics I'll tell you what my friend MF said to me "Try it for yourself and see." That's exactly what I did, and she was right (pains me to admit!) Once I told her as such I asked her how she …

Enough is Enough

Since I've changed all my eating habits and general lifestyle I've been waking up bright and early (sometimes because of me sometimes because of my old doggy) but I usually use that time to lay in bed and cruise social media. I'm not sure if at this point this is the best thing for my stress levels though, YOWZERS. With the current political environment LOTS of things have been INFURIATING me but I'm trying to be calm and proactive. Please NOTE I'm pretty much a raging liberal and this post is about to get REAL, or at least I'm about to get REAL with how I feel.

Enough is enough.

This entire election from beginning to end has been incredibly divisive, I had enough and finally opened my big fat mouth for a reason and started voicing my political opinion. People want to say it's not personal but for me it is. I truly believe I was misdiagnosed in August 2015, my lymphnodes under my armpits were clear after surgery so no further testing/scanning was done and I…

When will we learn? To come back to the middle...


I'm back, and what a roller coaster it's been!! Highs, lows, holidays, traveling, etc and adjusting to all of these treatments. I'm trying to have PATIENCE (NOT my strong suit) and not get aggravated but the side effects are obnoxious from the Western medicine and the Holistic treatments are expensive and time consuming!! Before this turns into a complete bitch fest (I save that for my close personal friends, SOWWWYYY FWIENDS) I'm ok, but I'm just exhausted at the moment! Very much looking forward to this Holiday break with family and friends and I just want to thank everyone who has started to band together and offer me the kind of support I really need right now.

After a difficult 7 weeks I think I'm finally on my way to starting to feel better. Today I want to talk about support for the, in my case *metavivor* (I don't like cancer patient, blech)  and for the people around the *metavivor*. BTW I'm using this as a *insert whatever …